John McKay

Transformative Coach & Joyful Creativity

John, co-founder of InSatori, is not your typical coach. His eclectic background, which spans punk and indie rock band engagements, concert promotions, and an entrepreneurial stint trading Apple Computer merchandise, sets the stage for a truly revolutionary coaching style. This diverse foundation has equipped John with a dynamic, DIY approach, allowing his clients to experience refreshing perspectives and transformative breakthroughs.

Having absorbed insights from coaching luminaries, John’s coaching approach is both profound and holistic. As a visualization maven, he excels in helping his clients craft and embrace a clear vision of their desired futures, enabling them to break the shackles of their current boundaries.

What sets John apart is not just his rich reservoir of knowledge, but the unique balance of empathy and empowerment in his coaching methodology.

With utmost confidentiality, he crafts a nurturing environment that fuels creativity, always prioritizing his client’s goals. He doesn’t just enable – he elevates. He challenges his clients to surpass their current limits and ascend to unparalleled heights of potential.

Clients, a diverse group from authors to meditation enthusiasts, universally praise John’s intuitive analytical acumen and his knack for simplifying the intricate. His impact is not merely on enhanced productivity or efficiency, but more profoundly on personal metamorphosis.

Embodying values of freedom, especially intellectual freedom, John seamlessly merges his rebellious spirit with the warmth of a devoted family man, blessed with a supportive spouse and two cherished sons. His life and coaching both echo the same principles – authenticity, deep respect, and steadfast support.

In John McKay, clients find not just a coach, but a true partner in their transformative journey. For those ready to redefine boundaries, ignite their inner genius, and embark on a fulfilling voyage of self-discovery, John stands as an empathetic, insightful, joyful, and game-changing guide.