The Enlightened Leadership Journey

Unleash Your Potential for World-Changing Leadership

At InSatori, we believe that Enlightened Leaders have immense power to uplift humanity. Our immersive programs guide executives, leaders, and innovators to unlock their fullest potential and steer organizations toward positive impact.

Our Flagship Program: The Enlightened Leadership Journey

The Enlightened Leadership Journey is our flagship 12-month immersive program for catalyzing transformational change. Ideal participants are mission-driven leaders ready to move to the highest level: Enlightened Leadership.

Enlightened Leadership Coaching

Enlightened Leadership Coaching is a space where the extraordinary becomes everyday, a gateway to uncharted possibilities. Here, clarity echoes both within and without, paired with profound insight, connection, wonder, and authenticity. It’s an experience where creativity is accessed, trust is the cornerstone, and visionary foresight guides the way. Magic unfolds, opening doors to a universe of endless opportunities.

Work one-on-one with an InSatori coach to illuminate and unleash your visionary genius. 

Enlightened Team Coaching
Enlightened Leadership Immersions

Through our proprietary Symphonic Coaching™  process, clients gain:

Profound insight into the intricate workings of the human operating system
Alignment with their authentic self and higher purpose
Expanded creativity, flow, and joy
Unhindered access to the wellspring of their inner wisdom, tapping into intuitive knowledge and understanding
An uplifted state of consciousness, achieving a higher level of awareness and understanding in all aspects of life and work
Enhanced capacity for creativity, entering states of flow effortlessly, and experiencing profound joy
A stronger, more grounded presence, enabling a firm yet calm composure
Deep and meaningful connections with others, fostering strong relationships built on empathy and understanding
Clarity of vision, inspiration in action
Improved overall health, well-being, and vitality
Balanced work-life harmony
Transformation into an illuminated, Enlightened Leader, radiating wisdom, insight, and inspiration, guiding others towards their highest & best selvesList item
A typical journey includes:
6 -12 month engagement
2 – 4 Monthly Enlightened Leadership Coaching™ sessions with an InSatori coach
Quarterly Symphonic Coaching™ Sessions with a quartet of InSatori coaches
3 – 4 Day immersive experience
A dedicated Ambassador, your personal concierge 
On-demand spot coaching between sessions
Customized support services

Participants emerge as Enlightened Leaders – guiding themselves and their organization on an elevated path of purpose, innovation, and meaningful positive contributions to society

Bespoke Programs

We offer customized coaching, training, and facilitation programs. From executive coaching to organization-wide transformations, our bespoke solutions are tailored to your needs.

Our approach ignites organizations by revealing purpose, fostering human connection, understanding the human operating system, and illuminating innate wisdom.

Start Your Journey

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