Enlightened Leadership for a Better World

Envision guiding with insight and wisdom, equipped with a deep understanding of human nature, traveling on an enlightened path while leading people toward creating a better world.

Our Vision

We believe the path to a better future starts with Enlightened Leaders and innovators who foster cultures of joy, flow, creative collaboration, deep connection, and being guided by inner wisdom.

Through our innovative programs, we guide visionary leaders, executives, and change makers on a journey to discover and operate from their inner wisdom. Our collaborative approach reveals the underlying principles of being human while unlocking unprecedented creativity, clarity, and vision.

Leaders emerge illuminated, ready to uplift their organizations through purpose, passion, and care.

The impact ripples outward, spreading Enlightened Leadership to communities and industries worldwide.

We’re seeking open-minded creators, leaders, and visionaries ready to transform the world. Our Enlightened Leadership programs are tailored to help innovative leaders like you move to the next level of impact and influence.

The journey starts from within. If you feel the call to lead with enlightenment, we’re here to guide you. Let’s talk.

What Clients Are Saying…

The InSatori Team

Meet our Team of Coaches, Guides, Facilitators, Trainers, and Consultants

Andrew Hogan
Business Mystic / Enlightened Leadership Guide

Andrew, co-founder of InSatori, is a masterful architect of transformation, blending over three decades of coaching..
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John McKay
Transformative Coach & Joyful Creativity

John, co-founder of InSatori, is not your typical coach. His eclectic background, which spans punk and indie rock band…
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Marlene Fuchs
Spiritual Intuitive & Transformative Coach / Guide / Facilitator

As a transformative coach, spiritual companion, and intuitive artist, Marlene delves into the realm where human…
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Georg Stuby
Transformative Coach / Hypnotic Sound Guide / Plant Medicine Facilitator

Based in Amsterdam, Georg is more than just a musician; he’s a bridge between the realms of sound, psychology, and transformative…
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Sean Hartman
Strategy Consultant / Meditation Specialist

Sean is a visionary strategist with a deep well of experience in fostering business transformation and innovative value creation…
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Start Your Journey

Enlightened Leadership


Engage deeply with your people and tap into your innate genius


Create from ease and inspiration


Spend more time in flow, with a strong sense of purpose and clarity


Tap into universal wisdom, available to you at all times


Operate from lightness, fun, and laughter