Marlene Fuchs

Spiritual Intuitive & Transformative Coach / Guide / Facilitator

As a transformative coach, spiritual companion, and intuitive artist, Marlene delves into the realm where human potential meets spiritual essence.

Marlene’s vision transcends the mundane. She envisions a world where individuals are not just living, but thriving—manifesting love, peace, and wisdom. Where people harness their boundless creativity to elevate collective consciousness and enhance the human experience. It’s not just about personal fulfillment for Marlene, but the rippling effect of positivity and change that one can instigate in the broader world.

To her clients, Marlene isn’t just a coach; she’s a journey companion. Guiding them with unfaltering intuition, she unveils the joy of living, enabling individuals to radiate their intrinsic light. Through her guidance, people are empowered to transform not just their lives, but also touch the souls of those they encounter.

Marlene’s journey hasn’t always been in the spiritual and coaching realms. Her foundational career saw her as a certified nurse and counselor, nourishing lives both physically and emotionally. Her leadership chronicles stretch over 25 years, showcasing her versatility in both operational and strategic domains.

Her credentials further include certification as a Transformative Coach, a diploma in visual design, foundational studies in expressive arts therapy, and in-depth training in alternative healing methodologies.

Marlene is a channel of unconditional love, inviting people to discover their true self.

A nurturing mother to two grown-up daughters, Marlene finds solace in Switzerland’s serene landscapes. Every aspect of her life, from her profession to her personal passions, resonates with her overarching mission: To elevate, enlighten, and inspire.